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Featured Projects in bangalore

Kolte Patil Mirabilis-Bangalore

20.06 Lac - 1.06 Cr

Horamavu, off Banaswadi Outer Ring Road
Amenities :Swimming Pool,Gym,Indoor Games,Table Tennis,Billiards Room,Squash Court,Multi purpose Hall,Meditation court,Children's play Area
PROPERTYSIZESPriceCarpet AreaBSP (Price per sq. Ft.)
1 BHKNot Specified20.06 LacsNot Specified4600
1 BHKNot Specified32.89 LacsNot Specified4600
3 BHKNot Specified73.60 LacsNot Specified4600
2 BHKNot Specified50.78 LacsNot Specified4600
2 BHKNot Specified66.88 LacsNot Specified4600
2.5 BHKNot Specified58.42 LacsNot Specified4600
2.5 BHKNot Specified58.70 LacsNot Specified4600
3 BHKNot Specified68.91 LacsNot Specified4600
4 BHKNot Specified1.04 CrNot Specified4600
4 BHKNot Specified1.06 CrNot Specified4600


Sobha Life style-Bangalore

4.85 Cr - 8.77 Cr

Sobha present's their presidential Villa project called Lifestyle in Devanahalli. Spread over 58 acres, this project offers luxurious 4 bedroom Villa with premium specifications. Sobha Lifestyle is located in North Ba
Near BIAL,Devanahalli,North Bangalore.
Amenities :Club House,Party Hall,Landscape Garden
PROPERTYSIZESPriceCarpet AreaBSP (Price per sq. Ft.)
Plot Area - 5000 Sq.ft2399-2672/ 3124-3308/3813-3895 4.85 CrNot Specified0
Plot Area - 5000 Sq.ft2399-2672/ 3124-3308/3813-3895 4.90 CrNot Specified0
Plot Area - 10000 Sq.ft2399-2672/ 3124-3308/3813-3895 8.67 CrNot Specified0
Plot Area - 10000 Sq.ft2399-2672/ 3124-3308/3813-3895 8.77 CrNot Specified0


Sobha Signature-Bangalore

5.79 Cr - 6.2 Cr

Off Sarjapur Road
Amenities :Swimming Pool,Playground,Power Backup ,Tennis Court,Gym
PROPERTYSIZESPriceCarpet AreaBSP (Price per sq. Ft.)
4 BHK 5000- 10000 SqFt 5.79 Cr4766 Sq. Feet.8500


Sobha Dew Flower-Bangalore

2.25 Cr - 3.67 Cr

Sobha Dew Flower has been specially designed in an English style. Coming up in J P Nagar with sloping roofs and stone facades, it is very indicative of a modern outlook that beautifully houses tradition. While its ele
M.G.Gardens,Sarakki Mani Road,JP Nagar.
Amenities :Swimming Pool,Playground,Club House,Library,Gym
PROPERTYSIZESPriceCarpet AreaBSP (Price per sq. Ft.)
3 BHK2399-2672,3124-3308,3813-3895 SqFt 2.25 Cr1486 Sq. Feet.10592
3 BHK2399-2672,3124-3308,3813-3895 SqFt 2.54 Cr1680 Sq. Feet.10592
4 BHK2399-2672,3124-3308,3813-3895 SqFt 3.31 Cr2186 Sq. Feet.10592
4 BHK2399-2672,3124-3308,3813-3895 SqFt 3.67 CrNot Specified10592


Sobha Saffron-Bangalore

1.15 Cr - 1.16 Cr

Sobha Saffron located at Off Hosur Rd, Bangalore are purely 2 storeyed row houses that provides quality living & creates happiness with features like Designer landscaping, Well-equipped clubhouse & Swimming pool.
Off Sarjapur Road
Amenities :Swimming Pool,Covered car park in Basement or open surface parking as per design,Security,Power Backup
PROPERTYSIZESPriceCarpet AreaBSP (Price per sq. Ft.)
3 BHK1804-2097 SqFt 1.15 Cr1579.2 Sq. Feet.5107
3 BHK1804-2097 SqFt 1.16 Cr1591.8 Sq. Feet.5107
4 BHK1804-2097 SqFt 1.75 Cr2400.3 Sq. Feet.5107


Purva Skywood-Bangalore

72.65 Lac - 98.35 Lac

Purvavankara Group is coming up with its new residentail project called "Skywood" located off Sarajpur Road, Bangalore. Purva Skywood is the high rise luxury apartments and spread over 13 acres of land with 730 units. Th
Off Harlur Road
Amenities :Gym,Landscape Garden,Children's play Area ,Jogging Tracks,Indoor Games,Outdoor games,Party Hall,Meditation court,Squash Court
PROPERTYSIZESPriceCarpet AreaBSP (Price per sq. Ft.)
2 BHK1390-1330/1690-1867/2340 SqFt 72.65 Lacs916 Sq. Feet.5550
3 BHK1390-1330/1690-1867/2340 SqFt 98.35 Lacs1240 Sq. Feet.5550
2 BHK1390-1330/1690-1867/2340 SqFt 83.42 Lacs1052 Sq. Feet.5550
3 BHK1390-1330/1690-1867/2340 SqFt 89.47 Lacs1128 Sq. Feet.5550


Purva Atria Platina-Bangalore

1.76 Cr - 1.87 Cr

Welcome to the special world of Purva Atria Platina, Just 70 limited edition apartments designed for the elite. For anything in excess will undermine your status. Purva Atria Platina is located in a posh, city-central
R.M.V 2nd stage
Amenities :Children's play Area ,Steam,Table Tennis
PROPERTYSIZESPriceCarpet AreaBSP (Price per sq. Ft.)
3 BHK1327/1610 1.76 Cr1371 Sq. Feet.9000
3 BHK1327/1610 1.87 Cr1452 Sq. Feet.9000


Purva Highland-Bangalore

57.87 Lac - 91.23 Lac

It stands tall as a masterpiece to be emulated. Better still, it's the perfect example of how a world-class home should be. From outdoors to indoors, Highlands offers you enough options to enjoy. You can indulge at th
Kanakapura Road
Amenities :Squash Court,Badminton Court,Table Tennis,Outdoor games,Children's play Area ,Water purifier in the kitchen.
PROPERTYSIZESPriceCarpet AreaBSP (Price per sq. Ft.)
Purva High Crest - 2 BHK1317/1637-1812 57.87 LacsNot Specified4950
Purva High Crest - 2 BHK1317/1637-1812 66.33 LacsNot Specified4950
Purva High Crest - 3 BHK1317/1637-1812 74.15 LacsNot Specified4950
Purva High Crest - 3 BHK1317/1637-1812 82.42 LacsNot Specified4950
2 BHK1317/1637-1812 66.28 LacsNot Specified4950
3 BHK1317/1637-1812 82.17 LacsNot Specified4950
3 BHK1317/1637-1812 82.02 LacsNot Specified4950
3 BHK1317/1637-1812 91.23 LacsNot Specified4950


Hiranandani Upscale-Bangalore

47.04 Lac - 2.55 Cr

Awaiting your embrace to a residential ecstasy is Prestige Falcon City by Prestige Group at Kanakapura Road, Bangalore. It is a self-contained project which offers all amenities and various sizes of homes which come with
Bannerghatta Road
Amenities :Swimming Pool,Gym,Club House,Tennis Court,Badminton Court,Landscape Garden,Children's play Area ,Sandpits
PROPERTYSIZESPriceCarpet AreaBSP (Price per sq. Ft.)
3 BHK Hillcrest1265/1476-2061 1.33 Cr1552 Sq. Feet.5990
3 BHK Hillcrest1265/1476-2061 1.29 Cr1563 Sq. Feet.5790
3 BHK Hillcrest1265/1476-2061 1.05 Cr1319 Sq. Feet.5590
3 BHK Hillcrest1265/1476-2061 1.06 Cr1330 Sq. Feet.5590
3 BHK Club Meadows1265/1476-2061 74.32 LacsNot Specified5875
3 BHK Club Meadows1265/1476-2061 87.45 LacsNot Specified5925
3 BHK Club Meadows1265/1476-2061 90.47 LacsNot Specified5925


Hiranandani cottages (Villas)-Bangalore

1.44 Cr - 2.91 Cr

THE COTTAGES has been developed with sensitivity for the people - their family size & the need for an expansive but compact home. The design is in synergy with the surrounding environment. The Cottages are in sylvan
Amenities :Club House,Badminton Court,Squash Court,Tennis Court,Gym,Party Hall
PROPERTYSIZESPriceCarpet AreaBSP (Price per sq. Ft.)
3 BHK2850/4055-4280 1.44 Cr1484 Sq. Feet.6800
3 BHK2850/4055-4280 1.65 Cr1696 Sq. Feet.6800
4 BHK2850/4055-4280 2.31 Cr2373 Sq. Feet.6800
4 BHK2850/4055-4280 2.76 Cr2838 Sq. Feet.6800
4 BHK2850/4055-4280 2.79 Cr2870 Sq. Feet.6800
4 BHK2850/4055-4280 2.91 Cr2996 Sq. Feet.6800



Economic growth: 10.3% per annum
Average Property Price: Rs 9,000-12,000 per sq.ft.
Rental rate increase Y-O-Y: 9%
Population Growth: 47% (2001-2011)
GDP: $69 billion
Growth Drivers: Strong FMCG market, jobs in the IT sector
Hotspot to watch in 2014: Outer Ring Road (ORR), Whitefield, Sarjapur Road

Dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Asia”, Bangalore has plenty to offer NRI real estate investors keen to get a bang for their buck.

Bangalore is a certified business hub, presently home to over 2,800 companies in the IT sector, over 100 Fortune 500 companies, and a number of other businesses. The city is a Mecca for Indians seeking employment in the IT and bio-tech industries among others, and while the current population stands at over 10 million, it is poised to grow to over 14 million by 2021. As one of India’s fastest growing cities, Bangalore is attracting more and more residents, all of which are contributing to the increased demand for residential housing.

Where to buy?

The sub-markets of North Bangalore, Sarjapur Road and the Outer Ring Road (ORR) are the areas with most potential.

Villas and new flats on the outskirts of Bangalore are projected to provide high returns on investment, and there are a number to choose from. According to Jones LaSalle, over eight residential developments in Bangalore sub-markets completely sold out in Q1/2013 alone. If property on the outskirts doesn’t fit your investment objectives, property in the CBD can also fetch high returns.

The average annual price increase over the past four years in the Banaglore real estate market has been reported in the region of 13-15 per cent, and rental prices are expected to remain strong throughout 2014, too. There are a myriad of factors contributing to the market’s projected strong performance, such as improvements to the road and rail network. The Government is proposing infrastructure investments to cater to the ever-growing population, such as improvements to the High Speed Rail Link and Monorail. There are also new IT parks set for development in North Banaglore, which will draw even more people to this area for employment.

There were over 21 residential projects launched in 2013 throughout Bangalore, offering investors a number of new and attractively priced properties that would make a cash-earning addition to any portfolio. Realtors are well equipped to provide support to NRI real estate investors looking to buy in Bangalore, and the right combination of price appreciation and potential makes this populous city a smart choice for residential investment.