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Don’t just take our word for it, read through some of our client testimonials to see how we can help with buying property in India. Whether you are interested in finding a 2BHK property in Mumbai or buying a property in Ahmedabad, unesta can point you in the right direction as our satisfied customers can vouch

The most important considerations for me while buying property in the Indian real estate market are : finding a perfect match for my investment needs, transparency of information, sales support and potential appreciation of the purchased property. My experience of property purchase via Unesta met all of the above concerns. I was very satisfied with their pre/post sales support, service delivery, turnaround time, and especially the management of client expectations is commendable. Unesta have some real experts who are extremely knowledgeable about the local market.


“Through unesta, we have found our perfect investment in Ahmedabad, a beautiful new property that serves as our holiday home when returning to India. Knowing that unesta only advertises projects from recognised and trusted developers helped make the investment decision easier and the entire process run smoothly.”


“I had been looking to invest in a new luxury apartment in Mumbai for some time and was becoming frustrated by the vague and impersonal attitude with local agents in Mumbai, especially as I am based in London. A friend directed me to unesta, and via their website I found a new development that had the amenities I wanted. With support from staff at unesta and some additional research, I was able to purchase an apartment in a development that was completed with a few acceptable delays and is now part of my property portfolio.”


“Having had previous experience of buying property overseas and in particular in India, my wife and I were preparing ourselves for another stressful and frustrating period as we considered buying a property in Bangalore. However we were pleasantly surprised when we stumbled upon the unesta website and were able to conduct searches that were more specific to what we were looking for.


“At the best of times, the Mumbai real estate scene appears to be one of chaos and underhand dealings. I was quite weary when my parents declared they wanted to invest in property ‘back home’ and anticipated clash after clash with brokers, lawyers and developers alike. After all, India doesn’t have the best reputation in honest dealings. With the help of the unesta website and their friendly staff, I was able to cut out a broker and save not just money, but also time and my blood pressure in finding a home that although is still being constructed, will be perfect for my parents when it is finished.”