Despite its inbuilt paradoxes, India has a strong economic fundamental and has witnessed accelerated growth,which has manifested itself in an unprecedented manner in the real estate industry. From survival to revival, the Indian real estate sector has exhibited unique resilience and upsurge.

The three vital forces that shall ensure the continuation of this trend are fast rate of urbanisation, growing middle class and young demographic profile with their strong aspiration values. These three factors define the real demand for realty in India.

With this strong internal demand for real estate, India is one of the fastest growing property markets in the world and the ideal place to invest in.

Why India?


  • 590 million will live in cities Nearly twice the population of US today
  • By 2050, in India 843 million people will be living in cities.
    An average 10% growth on an annual basis


  • Ever-increasing per capita income
  • High Saving-to-Spending ratio 22% -24% of savings
  • 91 million urban households will be middle class


  • Higher degree of Consumerism
  • 64% of population is between 15yrs – 64yrs
    By 2020 the average age in India will be 29 yrs.