Property registration:

You can register by filling in the online questionnaire on our website or you can download it and post, fax, or email it to us. We can also pUnesta offers a comprehensive letting service that gives you the best possible chance of renting your property to high calibre tenants.

ost the registration form to you which you can return to the UK office.


We create customised e-brochures for each of our properties. We target our marketing at high calibre prospective tenants who are a perfect match for your requirements

Listing Fee:

Our listing fee is £150 + VAT. It covers the cost of evaluation, viewings, tenant references and creation of an e-brochure to promote your property.


We will select prime candidates and arrange viewings for the property, which includes a full tour and a background on the surrounding area.

Tenant screening:

We'll ask prospective tenants to provide: bank statements and/or payslips for the last six months, proof of identity, proof of permanent address, letter of recommendation from an employer.

Rent Negotiation and Tenancy agreement:

We negotiate the deposit and rent on your behalf. We aim to get you the best income possible. Your chosen tenant will be asked to sign the agreement once they have paid the deposit and initial rent. Both you and your tenant will receive a copy. Your tenant will be given a set of keys on the day they check in. We will provide you with your tenants' contact details as well.

Transfer of deposit and rent:

The letting fee of 10% of gross annual rent, and any other charges for additional services, will be deducted from the funds we hold once your tenant has checked- in. The remainder will be sent to you with an account statement.


This is an optional service and should you request it, we will contact you and your tenant two months before the end of the contract to ask if you want to renew. If the tenancy has been problem free, we will always advise you to renew to ensure continuation of income from your property. Renewal fees will be payable up front.


If you have more questions or just want to discuss your property with us, write to us or give us a call at +44 207 125 0425 or email at info@unesta.com